PepsiCo Foundation NGO Grant Program


PepsiCo Foundation NGO Grant Program


PepsiCo Foundation was established in 1962 with an initial focus on promoting health and wellness within PepsiCo. Today, the foundation has evolved its goals to reflect the needs of underserved populations — including nutrition and activity, safe water and water usage efficiencies, and education and empowerment — and has extended its grant making to the global community.


Through grant making, associate programs and disaster response, PepsiCo Foundation seeks to help the most impoverished people and communities around the world.


What PepsiCo Foundation Fund?


PepsiCo Foundation is committed to contributing to programs that will lead to sustainable outcomes and impacts for the global community. To achieve these goals, it invests resources by strategically partnering with non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have demonstrated expertise and ability to magnify positive outcomes through action. Organizations must demonstrate a defined and purposeful fit to PepsiCo Foundation's funding priorities and have a track record of success to be considered for funding.


PepsiCo Foundation solicits proposals for all major grants (over $100,000). To be considered for funding, an organization's mission and program goals must align with, and deliver on, PepsiCo Foundation's grant-making priorities.


Health Portfolio


PepsiCo Foundation investment strategy in global health is to protect and make available proper, nutritious food; improve complete health; and increase health-promoting behaviours through proper nutrition and energy balance. It has three strategic areas for funding:


• =>  Food security

• =>  Improved and optimum nutrition

• =>  Energy balance activity models


PepsiCo Foundation gives priority to programs that promote and allow for change at the systems level. With major emphasis on underserved populations and communities, its funding targets both issues of over-nutrition and malnutrition in relation to specific issues in local and global communities. Its approaches are designed to immediately benefit and impact community members while indirectly influencing permanent changes at the policy level.


Environment Portfolio


PepsiCo Foundation seeks environmental programs that protect water sources and improve usage of existing water to help minimize the growing water crisis faced by millions of people around the globe.


Strategic focus areas include:


•=>  Water security

•=>  Sustainable agriculture

•=>  Adaptive approaches to climate change


The foundation seeks to achieve water security through proper local sanitation, as well as through source protection. Its first priority is funding "demand-driven" or locally identified need-based programs. Programs that seek to educate local communities on the value of improving water, sanitation and hygiene are crucial, because a lack of sanitary practice or water purification is directly linked to illness and disease. The foundation also seeks partners and programs that are proficient in implementing these practices through innovative approaches.


Securing safe water supplies includes supplies of potable water for domestic use and consumption, as well as sufficient water for agriculture and livestock. Focusing on more efficient farming methods and conservative water use produces "more crop per drop." To reduce the effects of water crises, it is vital to support improvements and achievements in sustainable agriculture. When coupled with access to technology, communities are better able to source, afford and permanently manage their safe water resources.


Education Portfolio


PepsiCo Foundation has a long history of funding diversity programs in education and workforce development with U.S.-based community organizations.


Strategic focus areas include:


•=>    Access to education and training

•=>     Women's empowerment


Education is an essential tool for economic achievement, advancement and mobility. PepsiCo Foundation's funding has helped hundreds of organizations significantly increase opportunity and advancement in urban communities. PepsiCo Foundation's priority is to focus on spreading evidence-based programs that contribute to lessening dropout incidence in schools with the most chronic and acute dropout rates.


Additional focus is given to workplace equality throughout the world, with particular emphasis placed on the climate of business environments.


PepsiCo Grants


For organizations seeking a grant from PepsiCo Foundation, programs must address at least one of the following focus areas and comply with all of the requirements outlined in this section.


Grant Seekers


Foundation staff solicits proposals for all major grants (over $100,000). All requests for funding less than $100,000 must be submitted through PepsiCo Foundation's Letter of Interest process.


PepsiCo's Letter of Interest Process


If you are seeking a grant for less than $100,000, you must first submit a brief Letter of Interest that answers the questions below. Please submit this letter via email only to Include the name of your organization and the project name in the subject of the email. Do not exceed the allotted word count for each question/answer and respond only to the questions asked.


Attachments will not be opened or accepted. Do not mail requests directly to PepsiCo Foundation. Only Letter of Interest requests submitted to the correct email will be eligible for consideration.


Requests should align with PepsiCo Foundation's focus areas and objectives. Please keep in mind PepsiCo Foundation's goal of reaching and providing support to underserved regions across the globe.


You will be contacted and invited to submit a proposal only if your program is a fit with PepsiCo Foundation. If you are invited to submit a formal proposal, please understand there is no guarantee your request will be funded. Your proposal will be evaluated along with other invited proposals within the budget available.


Your Letter of Interest must include this information:


•=>  Name of NGO:

•=>  501(c)(3) or equivalent#:

•=>  Contact Name, Title:

•=>  Telephone Number:

•=>  Email Address:


1. =>  Which specific PepsiCo Foundation focus area does your project or program address? (i.e., Health, Environment, Education):

2. =>  Generally describe the project or program, its goal and objectives, how you intend to implement it and the timeframe. (350 words or less):

3. =>  Describe how this project is innovative and/or develops a best practice. Can the project be replicated / scaled up, and how will it be sustained? Who are your collaborators? (200 words or less):

4. =>  Describe the intended impact and how you will measure results. (100 words or less):

5. =>  What is the expected total cost for this project or program?

6. => What is the amount of the grant you seek from PepsiCo Foundation? What percentage of your organization's annual budget does this account for?


Focus Areas


The foundation's focus areas and priorities include:


•=>  Health — Food security; improved and optimum nutrition; energy balance

•=>  Environment — Water security; sustainable agriculture; adaptive approaches to climate change

•=> Education — Access to education and training for the underserved; women's empowerment


Grant Guidelines


1. Recipient organizations must be registered and have an official tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the , or the equivalent.


2.  PepsiCo Foundation does not make grants to:

              I.      =>  Individuals

           II.      =>  Private charities or foundations

         III.      =>  Organizations not exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and not eligible for tax-deductible support

        IV.      =>  Religious organizations

           V.      =>  Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns

        VI.      =>  Organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, color, citizenship, disability, disabled veteran status, gender, race, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, military service or status or Vietnam-era veteran status

      VII.      => Organizations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation

   VIII.      =>  Endowments or capital campaigns

         IX.      =>  Playgrounds, sports fields or equipment

            X.      =>  Film, music, TV, video and media production companies

         XI.      =>  Sports sponsorships

       XII.      =>  Performing arts tours

    XIII.      =>  Association memberships


3. To be eligible for PepsiCo Foundation funding, an organization's primary focus must be in the areas of:






4. In evaluating funding requests, the foundation will consider only those proposals that meet the following criteria:


  • => The extent to which the request addresses specific goals, methodologies and approaches
  • =>  The degree to which the request advances or fulfills PepsiCo Foundation stated goals and priorities
  • => Evidence of proven success in the field or scope of work specific to the request
  • => A method by which to measure and track impact and progress

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