Deutsche Bank CSR, Fund & Foundation

Deutsche Bank CSR, Fund & Foundation

Deutsche Bank's corporate social responsibility initiatives around the globe contribute to building social capital in all regions in which the Bank operates. The major areas of focus are in line with Deutsche Bank's CSR strategy in the areas of corporate volunteering, social investments, art & music and education. Moreover, the bank actively advances the dialog with academia, politics and business. The CSR team at the bank's headquarters coordinates these worldwide operations. The programs are then implemented locally by Deutsche Bank's regional teams and supported by the bank's independent foundations.


Deutsche Bank Foundation

Founded: 1986

Endowment funds: € 136.4 m.

Commitments 2010: € 4.5 m.


Most of the funding provided by Deutsche Bank Foundation goes to education and social projects. The Foundation focuses chiefly on projects that ideally bring together these three aspects and encourage young people to realize and develop their full potential. Art, music, and culture also benefit from the Foundation's sponsorship activities, while the Foundation's Alfred Herrhausen Fund supports above all initiatives aimed at improving the career prospects of disadvantaged young people.


Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Founded: 1999

Successor to the Bankers Trust Foundation

Commitments 2010: € 6.8 m.


Philanthropic activities support the entire Americas region. The Foundation's resources are complemented by the activities of the Community Development Finance Group (CDFG) which makes loans and investments within low- and moderate-income communities. It is the center of competence for Deutsche Bank's global microfinance work. For 20 years, the Federal Reserve Bank has rated Deutsche Bank "outstanding" for this work.


Deutsche Bank Africa Foundation

Founded: 2001

Endowment funds: € 16.4 m.

Commitments 2010: € 1.2 m.


Deutsche Bank Africa Foundation's primary focus is on education and social development, in particular for orphaned and vulnerable children. The Foundation supports various non-profit organizations who are predominantly working in economically underdeveloped communities. On a smaller scale, the Foundation also contributes to art and music, and projects involved in environmental sustainability. The Foundation encourages and supports staff volunteering in charitable projects.


Corporate Citizenship UK

Founded: 1989

Successor to charity program of Morgan Grenfell.

Commitments 2010: € 5.1 m.


Corporate Citizenship UK is a business unit of Deutsche Bank. Working closely with non-profit partners and organizing numerous volunteering programs, it lends its support primarily to social investments and educational projects. Over the past few years, Corporate Citizenship UK has received numerous awards for its exemplary commitment to society.


Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation

Founded: 2003

Commitments 2010: € 3.0 m.


The Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation directs Deutsche Bank's corporate social responsibility programs in Asia. The Foundation is committed to improving and sustaining the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. Working in partnership with non-government organizations and foundations, and in concert with community leaders, project facilitators, and staff volunteers, a variety of educational and innovative outreach programs have been successfully implemented across the region.


Deutsche Bank MENA Foundation

Founded: 2008

Start of activities: 2008

Commitments 2010: € 0.3 m.


The MENA Foundation is Deutsche Bank's most recently established foundation. It focuses primarily on the Middle East and North Africa region. The MENA Foundation has been heavily involved in the arts in the region, in addition to sustainability, social investments, and education. The Middle East Foundation Committee coordinates activities at a regional level and verifies the efficiency and sustainability of the projects which are undertaken.


Alfred Herrhausen Society

Founded: 1992

Budget 2010: € 3.4 m.


The non-profit Alfred Herrhausen Society is the international forum of Deutsche Bank. Its work focuses on new forms of governance as a response to the challenges of the 21st century. The Alfred Herrhausen Society seeks traces of the future in the present, and conceptualizes relevant themes for analysis and debate. It works with international partners across a range of fields – including politics, academia, and business – to organize forums for discussion worldwide.


Historical Association of Deutsche Bank

Founded: 1991

Number of members (end of 2010): 1,845


The Historical Association of Deutsche Bank was founded as a non-profit organization dedicated to familiarizing the public with the history of Deutsche Bank and of banking in general. The Historical Association addresses its publications, lecture series, and excursions on bank history to staff members and the interested public.


Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP)

Founded: 2001

Endowment funds: € 2.75 m.

Commitments 2010: € 0.15 m.


Transatlantic Outreach Program is a joint initiative of Germany's Department of Foreign Affairs, Deutsche Bank, Robert Bosch Foundation, and the Goethe Institute. The program supports American social studies educators and curriculum supervisors to strengthen their knowledge on modern Germany. TOP provides study tours to Germany, in-service teacher-training workshops, as well as teaching materials for all levels.


Deutsche Bank Donation Fund

Founded: 1970

Endowment funds: € 13.2 m.

Commitments 2010: € 4.7 m.


The Deutsche Bank Donation Fund is a fiduciary foundation operating in the Donors' Association for German Science (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.). The Fund provides financial resources to promote scientific research and teaching at both national and international level. The primary focus is on intensifying the dialog between the worlds of science and business. 60 percent of its funds were assigned at the discretion of Deutsche Bank, 40 percent by the Stifterverband for its projects.

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