Ford Motor Co. Environment Funds


Ford Motor Co. Environment Funds

In 2011, the Ford Motor Company Conservation & Environmental Grants - supported by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) - will provide support to creative projects focused on Conservation Engineering, Protection of the Natural Environment and Environmental Education. A total of US$100,000 is available for the deserving initiatives.


Since, the launch of program in 2000, it has been supported by various governmental and non-governmental environmental authorities including the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Emirates Wildlife Society and the Arab Forum for Environment & Development (AFED).


Past projects that have benefited from the Ford Grants in the GCC and Levant countries include whale and dolphin research projects, saving coral reefs in Oman, monitoring sea turtles and monk seals on Syrian coasts, growing environmental clubs in schools all around the region, cleaning up beaches in Jordan and the UAE, protecting mangroves in Saudi Arabia, saving the Arabian Leopard in the mountains of Oman and many more.


If your NGO is currently working on an environmental non-profit project and need funding support, you may apply for it.


Rules and Requirements


This programme is open to all types of NGOs' conservation initiatives that have already been implemented and are ongoing. Projects that are still in the planning stages will not be considered.


Projects may be entered in any of the following categories:


Conservation Engineering - Projects to reduce the rate of consumption of natural resources and/or pollution.


Protection of the Natural Environment - Projects to conserve flora, fauna and/or their respective habitats.


Environmental Education - Projects aimed at creating or increasing environmental awareness.


The Jury panel will select winners from any of the categories in accordance with the following judging criteria:


1.     Usefulness and Practicality

2.     Dedication

3.     Financial Need

4.     Originality

5.     Replicability


The jury panel will be comprised of experts in different areas of conservation and not related in any way to Ford Motor Company.

How to apply -

If your NGO decide to apply for The Ford Motor Co. Environment Funds then, please Click here to download the application form and contact to skf NGO consultants / Ozg NGO Consulting for expert info, step-by-step instructions and detailed guidelines.


All applications are due no later than 10 September 2011.

Important Note -

Please do not send unsolicited emails seeking funding support to donor agencies. This will discredit your NGO and can also bring bad reputation to you as an individual as well as a NGO.

Fund raising is a competitive process and you need to follow ethics and not spam donor emails with long, unrelated requests for fund / grant support. If you just keep sending emails seeking support without knowing your donor, your chances of raising funds for your NGO will be drastically reduced and you may be blacklisted as a spammer.

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