UBS Fund for Health & Education Projects

UBS Fund for Health & Education Project

UBS Optimus Foundation (UBSOF) is a non-profit philanthropic organization established by UBS [which is a premier global financial services firm offering wealth management, investment banking, asset management and business banking services] in 1999. UBS Optimus Foundation focuses on three grant areas: Education, Child Protection, and Global Health Research. Within these areas, the foundation supports the conception, implementation and dissemination of innovative approaches and ideas that have potential for sustained development. In particular, UBSOF promote projects that pursue a multi-disciplinary approach and, whenever possible, link the three granting areas together. With the Innovation Call 2011, the UBSOF seeks to fund innovative projects that integrate health & education interventions.


The scope of innovation call

With this call, UBSOF seeks to advance the field and maximize the positive impact on children through the funding of projects that integrate health and education programming, with the expectation that both learning and health outcomes for children will improve. In some cases where effective interventions exist, it is a matter of programming; in other cases, further research efforts are needed to strengthen the evidence base as to what interventions are most appropriate across the different settings and contexts seen around the world. UBSOF is looking for projects that respond to the following criteria:

1)      Projects that link health and education

2)   Projects that promote collaboration between an implementing organization and a research institute

3)      Projects that focus on the age range from conception to the age of 8 years

4)   Projects that can potentially deliver measurable outcomes for the improvement of children's lives


Priority regions for interventions and details:

Asia, Latin America and Africa.

1)      Short application using the UBSOF application form, links given below.

2)      Novel, innovative ideas

3)      Term of 12 - 24 months

4)      Funding of maximum CHF 125,000


Who can apply?

Non-governmental (NGO) and/or non-profit organizations (NPO), either local or international, and encourage North-South or South-South partnerships. In order to provide robust evidence as to the effectiveness of project interventions, partnerships between NGOs, universities and/or research institutes are encouraged.


How to apply?

Proposals must be submitted in English and must use the standard innovation project proposal form, provided in these links (1) Application Form (2) Budget Template


Proposals must be emailed electronically to no later than 1200, noon, CEST (1800, PHT; 1000, GMT; 0300, PDT), 30 November 2011.


Some examples of innovation projects include:

1)  Development of new tools, or inventions, such as a new cost-effectiveness calculation to significantly improve the well-being of children.

2)    new approaches, methods and models for solving problems, such as new ideas to encourage young mothers to better engaging in improved child care practices,

3)    new combinations of players and stakeholders, such as new education or research consortia that link communities, researchers, implementers and/or countries such that there is dialogue among the various players

4)     trans-disciplinary approaches, such as holistic approaches that transcend the narrow scopes of traditional disciplinary views and engage researchers, implementers, community members and other stakeholders to work with each other in a way outside of their usual practice.


Selection criteria:

1)    Topic relevance and responsiveness – how well does the proposal address a key need within the topic.

2)  Feasibility – are goals and milestones clearly defined and achievable, is there a strong organizational structure on the part of the applicant, and is there scale-up potential that provides a clear path for further support?

3)    Contributing evidence - is there potential for measurable outcomes and is there a sufficient plan for monitoring and evaluation?

4)   Innovative, state-of-the art approach – how well does the proposal provide 'out-of-the-box' thinking to address challenges of linking health & education.


As UBSOF focuses on helping society's most vulnerable, the long-term interests of children should be of foremost importance in the design and execution of projects. Therefore, projects must be designed in an ethical way to ensure that there is an appropriate exit strategy and that the termination of UBSOF funding does not impact negatively on the primary stakeholders.

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